csi-trainingUser adoption is the most critical part of any successful customer relationship management (CRM) implementation. Excellent training drives adoption and maximizes solution benefits.

Businesses too often analyze their business practices correctly and design their solution well, but fail to properly train users and administrators. A perfectly engineered CRM system is useless if used improperly or not at all.

Implementing any CRM system involves considerable time and expense. We function as an outside partner to make this setup as non-disruptive as possible.

When users understand the solution, adapt comfortably to it and understand the value it brings, using CRM becomes easy.

We do CRM training in person and via webinar.

We believe in providing comprehensive administrator training for them to become self sufficient, and if that isn’t enough, we have training material that can be adapted to your specific needs for on-going, on-site training with YOUR experts.

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